At Stem Trust, we understand the importance of ensuring that students receive top-quality tech education, which is why we offer rigorous STEM examinations aligned with the British and STEM curricula. Our tests are designed to evaluate primary school teachers’ knowledge and understanding of STEM, ensuring that they have the skills needed to provide their students with high-quality tech education.

The certificates we offer are a symbol of excellence in STEM education, and it demonstrates that a teacher has achieved a high level of competency in teaching tech. By earning our certificates, teachers can showcase their expertise in tech, which can help them stand out in a competitive job market and improve their teaching abilities.

We recognize that STEM education is an ever-evolving field, with new technologies and discoveries constantly emerging. Therefore, we regularly update our STEM tests to ensure that they align with the latest developments in STEM education.

Our STEM Trust Certificate is a valuable asset for primary school teachers looking to advance their careers in STEM education. It not only helps teachers demonstrate their expertise in STEM subjects but also enhances their credibility and reputation among their colleagues, parents, and students. Additionally, the certificate provides teachers with a framework for continuous professional development in STEM education, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

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Certifications We Offer


L1 Media Literacy Principles

Receive recognition for teaching STEM with the "L1 Media Literacy Principles" certificate

L2 Programming Basics

Receive recognition for teaching STEM with the "L2 Programming Basics" certificate

L3 Advanced Tech

Receive recognition for teaching STEM with the "L3 Advanced Tech" certificate

Stem Trust

Why Stem Trust?

Collaboration With "GalactIQ Education"

We are collaborating with GalacIQ Education, which provide teachers with high quality STEM content to teach their students

British STEM Curriculum

Our certificates are aligned with the British STEM curriculum

Certificate Examinations

We only allow teachers with enough experience in teaching STEM to apply for our certificate examinations

Collaboration With "The Schools Trust"

We are collaborating with The Schools Trust to design the ideal STEM curriculum and adapt it to the different age groups


Our teacher certificates have a worldwide recognition

STEM-Ready Institutions

We offer schools with enough STEM certified teachers the STEM-ready institution certificate which shows that the school is a certified STEM school

New Generation Of Teachers

At Stem Trust, we are committed to supporting and empowering primary school teachers to excel in STEM education. Our certificates are valuable recognition of their hard work and expertise in STEM subjects.

Steps To Start

Steps To Start Your Certification Journey

Teach STEM With GalactIQ Eductaion

Start teaching STEM lessons with GalactIQ Education

Examination Requirements

Look at the requirements before being able to take the examinations

Certificate Examination

Pass the examinations and receive your official certification