L3 Advanced Tech

The L3 Advanced Tech certification stands at the top of recognition, reserved for exceptional primary school teachers who have achieved mastery in utilizing GalactIQ as a transformative tool in their STEM education practice. These educators have demonstrated exceptional innovation, creativity, and impact in their teaching methods, setting a benchmark for excellence in STEM education.

Eligibility for Examination:

To be eligible for the L3 Advanced Tech certification examination, teachers should have already received the L2 Programming Basics certification and taught the following lessons with GalactIQ:
  • At least 8 Media Literacy lessons
  • At least 12 Game Development lessons
  • At least 4 Robotics lessons
  • At least 4 Creativity lessons
  • At least 8 Web Development lessons
This requirement ensures that teachers have gained sufficient experience and knowledge in integrating STEM into their teaching practice. By meeting this eligibility criterion, teachers demonstrate their readiness to undertake the examination and showcase their proficiency in STEM education.

Examination Information:

The GalactIQ certification examination is an online multiple-choice assessment that focuses on testing teachers’ knowledge of the subjects they have taught in the classroom using GalactIQ. The examination consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. To receive their certification, teachers need to correctly answer 25 or more questions within the allocated 1-hour examination time. In the event that a teacher does not achieve the required passing score on their first attempt, Stem Trust provides a second chance for certification. Following the initial examination, teachers will be given the opportunity to retake the examination after a week. As part of the retake process, they will be required to complete a 1-hour online learning course provided by Stem Trust. This course aims to further enhance their understanding and proficiency in STEM.