Welcome to STEM Trust! We are dedicated to empowering primary school educators with STEM certifications to enhance their teaching abilities and inspire the next generation of innovators. At STEM Trust, we offer a seamless process for teachers to acquire STEM certifications, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach STEM subjects. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works:

1. Sign up on GalactIQ Education:
The first step for primary school  teachers interested in obtaining a STEM certification is to sign up on GalactIQ Education which is a leading e-learning platform specifically designed to provide comprehensive STEM lessons and resources to educators. Through GalactIQ Education, teachers will gain access to a vast library of engaging STEM content, instructional materials, and interactive activities.

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2. Start teaching STEM Lessons:
Once enrolled on GalactIQ.app, teachers can begin incorporating STEM lessons into their classroom curriculum. These lessons are thoughtfully designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and hands-on learning experiences for students. By utilizing these engaging lessons, teachers can ignite a passion for STEM among their students and create a dynamic learning environment.


3. Teaching Progress:
As teachers progress through the STEM lessons on GalactIQ.app, they will track their teaching progress, documenting the number of lessons they have successfully delivered to their students. It is essential to ensure that teachers have a solid foundation in STEM instruction before pursuing certification.


4. Eligibility for Examination:
Once teachers have taught a specific number of lessons, they become eligible to take our STEM examination and earn a STEM certification. We offer three levels of certification: L1 Media Literacy Principles, L2 Programming Basics, L3 Advanced Tech. Each certification level represents a higher level of expertise and dedication to STEM education.

5. Taking the Examination:
Once teachers have met the requirements for a specific certification level, they can proceed to take the corresponding STEM examination. The examination evaluates their understanding of STEM concepts, teaching methodologies, and the ability to engage students effectively. Successful completion of the examination leads to the awarding of the desired STEM certification.


6. Benefits of Certification:
Obtaining a STEM certificate from STEM Trust offers numerous benefits. It enhances teachers’ professional credibility, showcasing their expertise in STEM education. Additionally, the certification demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and a willingness to adapt teaching practices to meet the needs of modern learners. It also provides teachers with access to a supportive community of like-minded educators and professional development opportunities.